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Who We Work With

If you have 20+ employees and are experiencing any of the following pains then we are confident that we can help you.

You attract talent but struggle to retain it. 

Some of your hires are not quite right the right fit for your business

There a high levels of sickness absence

There are high levels of grievances and disciplinary cases

Teams are pulling in different directions or siloes

Teams and individuals are not performing in the way you'd like them to

You lie awake at 3am worrying about the future of your business. 

You aren't confident your managers have the skills set to deal with their teams.

What we ask from you if you want to work with us is that you: 

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Fully participate and publicly support our work in any pre agreed meetings with your team.

Communicate with your internal teams about our programmes to get maximum results and buy in. 

Talk to us openly and honestly about your situation.

Take our advice on board and give us open and honest feedback.

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