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Who We Are and What We Do

With a unique ability to connect with a wide spectrum of executives and leaders, Better People Connections are  now a well-renowned combined Leadership and Mindset Development Coaching Team.

We have had the privilege of providing guidance and expertise to all types of organizations throughout the UK. 

There are lots of HR Consultants out there!       There are also lots of Coaches! 

But we believe we offer a unique service by combining the two elements to create powerful programmes of positive change throughout businesses and its employees. 

It's often been said that life is 1% what happens to you and 99% how you react to it! 

Combining our skills and experience together we offer businesses powerful and completely unique coaching packages that have huge potential to change the way people feel about being at work! 

Doug Betts

Doug Betts is an experienced Senior HR professional with over 20 years experience working across a variety of companies from large corporates to not for profit. 
Prior to his own consultancy business, Doug worked in a variety of in-house roles up to the Director of People & Culture level. Doug believes that most issues in a business come from inexperienced line managers not knowing or perhaps understanding how to manage their teams effectively. 
These people are very often technical experts who are promoted for that reason, but very rarely are these individuals trained how to manage people. If they are, they are often sent on a "one size fits all" management training course, which is usually over one day, where they make lots of notes. Unfortunately, these notes are usually very quickly forgotten about as they try to stay on top of the day job. 

Doug offers a more bespoke approach, by coming into an organisation, getting to understand the business and its culture and then coaching leaders and managers at all levels from first time line managers to senior leadership team members. His unique coaching techniques ensures the leaders get the best out of their people by understanding the teams and individuals and the challenges they are facing. He couples this with bespoke leadership toolkit training delivered onsite with the aim of making sure people leaders (not managers!) can network and support each other efficiently. Away from Hr, Doug is a 11 x marathon runner (best PB was in Dublin in 3 hours and 40 minutes). He also loves travel, spending time with friends and real ale! Doug is also just about to publish his own book.

Andrea Marsh

Andrea Marsh is a fully qualified Mindset & Self Development coach who transforms peoples lives by helping them develop a more positive and growth mindset. She encourages and helps people to work out what their goals and dreams are in life and turn them into a reality through self development and transformational mindset coaching. 

Andrea also has a level two Distinction in Mental Health First Aid & Advocacy in the Workplace and specialises in meeting with employees and implementing wellbeing plans and strategies that nurture and support their staff to improve communication at all levels throughout the company or organisation. 

Recognising that mental health in the workplace affect 1 in four people, Andrea develops employees by developing their mindset and encouraging them more motivated, focused and essentially part of a team. 

Andrea encourages employees to communicate openly and honestly about their mental health and wellbeing. She creates a supportive environment where employees feel comfortable talking about their struggles and offering support to one another.
Mindset growth corporate.png
Andrea is a motivational public speaker and has also recently launched her own Mindset Masterclass event to transform as many lives as possible. Away from coaching, Andrea loves horses and enjoys competing her own horses in local show umping competitions. She also enjoys socialising, dining out and musical theatre. 
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